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U.N.C.L.E. actors


Noel as Mark SlateNOEL HARRISON, actor, director, singer, composer, musician, screenwriter and carpenter, is the son of the legendary English actor Sir Rex Harrison. He was a popular nightclub entertainer in the 50s and 60s in Europe and has had a series of top 40 records, including the Academy Award-winning Windmills of Your Mind. Harrison got his part of Mark Slate after coming to America in 1965 and being spotted on the Johnny Carson show by the producer's wife.

Noel fled Hollywood in the 70's after UNCLE for Nova Scotia, where he designed and hand-built his own house, played guitar with country, folk and bluegrass bands and hosted Take Time, a CBC-TV show about songwriters. In recent years Noel has made his peace with Los Angeles and lives and works there, making occasional film and TV appearances, composing songs and pursuing his new writing career.

Noel Harrison today

Noel Harrison today


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