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*** New *** Relative Secrecy 3 made its debut at Media*West Con 1999.

Relative Secrecy

Slash anthology. $15 in person, $18 U.S. priority mail.
Contains To Live in Interesting Times by Taliesin -  winner of 1998 STIFfie Award, nominee for 1998 Fan Q Award.
Also contains The Baltic Affair by P. R. Zed and The Party Time Affair by Linda White - nominees for 1998 Fan Q Award; and The You Chased Me 'Til I Caught You Affair by Paloma Manchada - nominee for 1998 STIFfie Award.
Computer art by Rune.
The Over-Night Sleep-Out AffairPaloma Manchada 3 pp.
A Satisfying AffairMary L. Millard15 pp.
The Sleepless Nights AffairLinda White9 pp.
The Paternal InstinctTaliesin5 pp.
Illya Kuryakin - A PortraitNon-Fiction4 pp.
Napoleon Solo - A PortraitNon-Fiction5 pp.
The Hard Day's Night AffairLinda White10 pp.
The You Chased Me 'Til I Caught You AffairPaloma Manchada30 pp.
Better LateTheresa Kyle21 pp.
The Royal PrerogativeTaliesin1 pp.
The Party Time AffairLinda White.22 pp.
The Baltic AffairP. R. Zed14 pp.
Silken CordsKate McChesney4 pp.
Initiation to InnocenceJane Terry & Psmythe 22 pp.
To Live in Interesting TimesTaliesin23 pp.


Relative Secrecy 2

Slash anthology. Winner of 1999 STIFfies Award (Best Zine). 150 pp.  $15 in person, $18 U.S. priority mail.
Contains The Broken Man Affair, co-winner of 1999 Fan Quality Award (Best Story) and nominated for STIFfies Award (Best Story).
Computer art by Rune.
PreludeTheresa Kyle5 pp.
The Act of Duress AffairSarah Lindsay7 pp.
The London AffairPaloma Manchada23 pp.
The Broken Man AffairLinda White10 pp.
Cold ComfortJennifer Lon3 pp.
The See Lubyanka and Die AffairP.R. Zed23 pp.
After QueridoLinda White3 pp.
ConfessionsDeb10 pp.
Sufficient Unto the DayTaliesin4 pp.
The Truth is Stranger than Finction AffairLinda White 12 pp.
Falls the ShadowElizabeth Cochrane8 pp.
The Fusion Affair Dorinda 10 pp.
TormentJane Terry4 pp.
The Ties That BindTaliesin25 pp.


Relative Secrecy 3

Slash anthology.
270 pp.; two-column format, 10 point Bookman type.
$18 in person, $21 U.S. priority mail.
Stories by: Deb, Sarah Lindsay, Paloma Manchada, Jennifer Lon, Kate Drummond, Karin Porter, Clare Chew, Blondie, P. R. Zed, Elizabeth Cochrane, Taliesin and a novella by Linda White.

All fanzines listed on this page contain homoerotic material of an explicit nature and will not be knowingly sold to minors. An Age statement is required for ordering.

To order or request more information, contact Marian Kelly

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