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Here is Bill Koenig's list of tracks that should be included in an actual Man From U.N.C.L.E. soundtrack disc :

Main Theme
Composer: Jerry Goldsmith
Original, first year version.

Wild Bike
Composer: Morton Stevens
One of the most repeated pieces of music during Season One. It is first used in The Double Affair where Solo is being chased by THRUSH soldiers.

The Invaders
Composer: Jerry Goldsmith
The actual, honest to gosh pre-credits sequence from the pilot.

Composer: Jerry Goldsmith
In The Deadly Games Affair, THRUSH abducts a college student just before the end of Act I. Another one of the most repeated pieces of music during Season One.

The Parking Garage *
Composer: Walter Scharf
Sequence in Act I of The Deadly Decoy Affair where THRUSH attempts to liberate Egon Stryker.

The Mix-Up *
Composer: Walter Scharf
End of Act I of The Deadly Decoy Affair where Solo and Kuryakin mistakenly handcuff the phony Stryker to the innocent.

Number Eight for Alexander *
Composer: Gerard Fried
Pre-credits sequence of The Alexander the Greater Affair where Mr. Alexander gets the "will gas" from the Army.

I'm a Little Busy Right Now *
Composer: Gerard Fried
Solo's fight with the muscleman in Part 2 of The Alexander the Greater Affair.

Mud Bog *
Composer: Gerard Fried
Illya's misadventures at Alexander's farm, also from The Alexander the Greater Affair.

Farewell to Subtlety *
Composer: Robert Drasnin
Pre-credits and first portion of Act I of The Foxes and Hounds Affair, one of the most repeated pieces of music from Season Two.

U.N.C.L.E. Berlin *
Composer: Richard Shoes
Pre-credits of The Summit Five Affair.

I Wonder What He Would Have Said *
Composer: Richard Shores
Events leading up to the climatic launch of the rocket in Part 2 of The Prince of Darkness Affair.

Armageddon *
Composer: Richard Shores
Solo and Kuryakin literally bring down the house in the climax of The Seven Wonders of the World Affair.

Meet Mr. Solo
Composer: Jerry Goldsmith
Originally the end of the pilot.

April's Theme *
Composer: Gerard Fried
From The Moonglow Affair

The Ultimate Computer
Composer: Lalo Schifrin
Captain Cervantes walks past a number of security devices on his way to inspect a technological marvel in The Ultimate Computer Affair.

He's Not My Brother *
Composer: Morton Stevens
Beginning of Act I of The Iowa Scuba Affair where the phony serviceman kisses Kill goodnight, then is intercepted by Solo.

A Solo Duet *
Composer: Morton Stevens
Climatic fight between Solo and his double in The Double Affair. Immediately after the double is killed and the camera zooms in on Solo, Stevens uses an arrangement of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. theme that sounds very similar to the Hawaii Five-O theme he would compose four years later.

Death of Professor Raven *
Composer: Walter Scharf
Opening to The Quadripartite Affair, where Marion's father is killed.

Here's Your Refund *
Composer: Gerard Fried
Pre-credits sequence to The Discotheque Affair.

Captured *
Composer: Robert Drasnin
Pre-credits sequence to The Dippy Blonde Affair, another much repeated piece of music.

Checkmate *
Composer: Walter Scharf
Solo finally captures Madame Ravel in The Giuoco Piano Affair .

In addition, the following pieces from:

The Deadly Games Affair
Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

1. The Sleeper Awakes *
Beginning of Act I; Professor Amadeus attempts to dispose of SS guard who was revived from suspended animation. Kids interrupt him. SS
guard revives briefly before dying.). Repeated frequently in stock scores.

2. Teensy Weensy Spider *
Angelique tries to kill Solo with a spider hidden in a flower. Illya spots it just in time.

3. Angelique to the “Rescue” *
Angelique stages phony rescue of the innocent, hoping he will lead her to Professor Amadeus.

4. Professor Amadeus Makes His Move *
Professor Amadeus knocks out the innocent and takes him to his hidden lab. Another much-repeated selection in stock

5. Solo and Angelique *
With the mission completed, the two opponents, eh, unwind. Watch out for spiders, Napoleon.

The Vulcan Affair
Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

1. The Premier Feels a Bit Feint *
The Premier of Western Natumba collapses after Elaine has drugged his drink at Solo's request.

2. Vulcan’s Factory *
More than four minutes of music (broken into two sequences) of THRUSH chasing Solo throughout Andrew Vulcan's factory.

3. Black Tie Steambath *
Solo and Elaine, chained to a pipe, to be killed slowly by hot steam. Except Solo has other ideas.

4. Elaine Says Good-Bye/Solo Asks for Service *
Ending sequence at the airport.

5. Guided Tour *
Solo sneaks into Vulcan's factory as the villain's attention is distracted by Elaine.

The King of Knaves Affair
Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

1. Dying To Do a Deal *
Angel Galley kills a businessman, then is abducted.

2. Solo Has a Blast *
To get away from the villain who would be king (and save Ernestine Pepper), Solo blows up part of the king's arsenal.

3. Solo Gets Drafted; Ernestine Gets Captured *
Much repeated piece of music.  In original version, Solo is "drafted" into the king's army while following Ernestine. She is captured as she tries to call the police.

4. Chasing Solo *
Solo eludes the king's "soldiers."

5. Ernestine Escapes/Courtyard Fight *
Ernestine gets away while the King of Knaves tries swordplay on Solo.

6. UNCLE Raid *
Illya and a squad of U.N.C.L.E. agents arrive to say the day.

7. “Does Your UNCLE Know You’re Out?” *
Belly dancing music. Solo notices the receptionist of the Rome office in U.N.C.L.E. has an interesting night job.

Other episodes that could be mined for a soundtrack: The Concerte Overcoat Affair (not that good but it is Nelson Riddle), The Her Master's Voice Affair (probably that best Fried work in Season Three where his work really dipped in quality), The Fiddlesticks Affair (Schifrin's compositions sound simiar to what he had composed for Mission: Impossible) and The Yellow Scarf Affair.

* Names made up by Bill Koenig because official titles are not available.

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