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U.N.C.L.E. Soundtrack


For a genuine original soundtrack album for The Man From UNCLE, if such a thing is possible after all these years, I think it would be an absolute crime if Gerald Fried's superb score to "The Discotheque Affair" was unrepresented (even if it only featured the excellent background to the introductory scene with THRUSH and their, er, vacuum cleaners), while Robert Drasnin's excellent "Galatea Affair" soundtrack begs to be commercially released. Oh, and while I'm in full wish-list mode, why not all four arrangements of the theme used on the series itself. The theme definitely set the mood for each season, with the first and fourth season versions being brassy and relatively dark, the second season version being slightly lighter with the third being jazzy, frothy and entertaining without being serious in any way whatsoever. 

Personally, the music of UNCLE has always been an integral part of the show for me, and a new CD with the original music is something I desperately crave. Now, perhaps that's just me being Very Sad Indeed, but I like to think that there are other UNCLE fans who hum the theme to "How to Steal the World" on the way to work or whistle "Meet Mr Solo", used at the end of most episodes, on their way home....

Dave Dunton,