David and Robert publicity photos for Return of the Man From UNCLE
Publicity Photos for Return of the Man From UNCLE
Lee, Dave, RV and DM at the Return of the Man From UNCLE press conference
Robin Leach and DM, Return of the Man From UNCLE press conference


November, 2001

I just received the photo yesterday. It was a terrific surprise finding this...like going back in a time capsule to see my partner Ron and I meeting Vaughn and McCallum for the first time way back in 1984 at the press conference for "Return of MFU". I had no idea these pictures were taken by a professional photographer, so it was amazing that I came across them on Ebay.

The photos bring back a lot of nice memories. Although I haven't seen McCallum since, I have stayed in fairly frequent contact with Robert Vaughn. (see link this link: http://www.secretintel.com/archives/1.02.html) The photo on the link to our web magazine was taken 2 years ago in England. My coauthor Dave Worrall and I were promoting our 007 book "The Essential Bond" at a huge film fair in Birmingham. I was shocked to run into Robert, who was drawing huge lines signing autographs. We hadn't seen in each in a long time, so he took a break and we had lunch together. We spoke mostly about politics, but I was impressed by the fact that--unlike many celebrities who want to distance themselves from what made them famous- Vaughn continued to say that UNCLE was the happiest period of his professional life and he still loves the memories of the series.

With all the celebrities I've met in the course of the books I've written and documentaries I've done, the meeting with these guys is the one that lingers most because sentimentally, UNCLE always was and always will be my favorite show.

I also enjoy your site and appreciate the plugs for www.spyguise.com


Lee Pfeiffer