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1. Sam Rolfe was a prolific writer. What were other series he created?
The Delphi Bureau, Have Gun--Will Travel
Hawaii Five-O, Have Gun--Will Travel
Man Called Sloane, The Delphi Bureau

2. Name three Affairs where the same brick facade mansion appears:
Dove Affair, See Paris and Die Affair, My Friend the Gorilla Affair
Green Opal Affair, My Friend the Gorilla Affair, Her Master's Voice Affair
Love Affair, Her Master's Voice Affair, Take Me to Your Leader Affair

3. Which set of siblings worked on The Man From UNCLE?
Dan O'Herlihy and Michael O'Herlihy
Telly Savalas and George Savalas

4. In what Affair is Illya all wrapped up?
Alexander the Greater Affair
Bridge of Lions Affair
Prince of Darkness Affair

5. What episode did Joan Crawford appear in?
Children's Day Affair
Five Daughters Affair
Apple A Day Affair

6. What Oscar-winning actor guest starred in a 2nd season episode (hint: he was up for the role of Illya)?
Ricardo Montalban
George Sanders
Martin Landau

7. Who contributed to both MFU and James Bond?
Paul Baxley
Ian Fleming

8. In the Arabian Affair, Illya claims to be the son of:
Lawrence of Arabia
David Ben-Gurion
Yassar Arafat

9. In what episode did a teenage Dennis the Menace appear?
Deadly Toys Affair
Childrens Day Affair
Test Tube Killers Affair

10. Occasionally Napoleon went "Solo" -- name an episode:
Yellow Scarf Affair
Iowa Scuba Affair
Deadly Games Affair

Thanks to Bill Koenig and Lisa Sachs

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