The Do or Die Affair, 29 pgs
The Revenge is So Very Sweet Affair, 32 pgs
The Down Under Affair, 39 pgs
The Vanished Without a Trace Affair, 55 pgs
The Collaborator Affair, 34 pgs
The Friendly Fire Affair, 8 pgs
The Shadow of a Doubt Affair, 30 pgs
The Maine Event Affair, 10 pgs
The Rhyme Time Affair, 36 pgs
The Skull Mountain Affair, 46 pgs
The 'Tis the Season to be Jolly Affair, 57 pgs
The Friend in Need Affair, 10 pgs
The Grand Illusion Affair, 64 pgs
The Sao Paulo Affair, 63 pgs
The Black Dragon River Affair, 67 pgs
The Murder on the Moor Affair, 65 pgs
The Rainbow's End Affair, 64 pgs.

All stories by Jill Thomasson are gen with hurt/comfort . This listing has not been kept up to date and the author has more zines available.

Description of plot lines and current prices available by sending a SASE to E. Thomasson, 423 East 14th St., Alton, IL 62002-7246